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Bad Movie Reviewer Ideas

What's up everyone?

I don't have a lot of time to chat today, so I'll just make a suggestion.

What would you guys think if I started doing movie/TV reviews? I do love sharing my opinion on movies, especially the one's that are awful. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll do bad movie reviews. Sounds like a fun time.

I was going to start with that today, but I'm short on time, and I really want to enjoy those reviews. If anyone has any suggestions on which bad movie I should start with let me know. By the way, "bad" movies will be my opinion. There are some movies that I like that nobody else does, and vice versa. You may like Wonder Woman, but I promise that I will tear that movie to little mediocre pieces. So yeah, give me some options to choose from. I'll enjoy talking about that.

See you all tomorrow. Buh-bye.


What is up everybody!

First off, let me thank everyone that either texted me or messaged me on Facebook about my post yesterday. You guys are the best, and it means a lot. It felt really good to finally get all of that out of my system. Really appreciate it.

Aright, now that the mushy stuff is over with. Let’s move on, shall we?

Isolation. Or, to be more specific and less cryptic, being left alone for a long period of time. What’s everyone’s thoughts on that? How do you feel about that?

For me, personally, I very much enjoy being alone for a long time. It’s relaxing to me. I can get a lot done by myself. I know for some it sounds like hell, but for me, it’s ideal living conditions.

I just work better alone. It’s an independent thing, I guess. It’s probably why I work good as an “artist.” I need the quiet bliss of an empty room to keep myself focused. No distractions. Which is why my desk faces a blank wall. I look at it like watching a movie. It’s hard to do if everyone around you is …

My Publishing Nightmare

Hello, hello. It's me again with another spout of random nonsense for your eyes. It occurred to me, earlier today, that I have this blog that I write everyday, and I have yet to talk about my book. At least, I don't think I've given it much press on here. Well, here we go regardless:
My book, The Days After, was published last November. Right before Thanksgiving. I started it January 1st of last year (it was my New Years Resolution) and wrote the final words somewhere in mid-July. Seven months. The ending is a little to mushy for my taste, but it is what it is. To be honest, it's a little rushed as well, but that's not really my fault. Well, actually it is a little my fault too. 
Y'see, When I was about three quarters of the way finished, I started my search. The great search of a publisher. I was optimistic, but also afraid. What if no one liked the book, I thought. What if I had to go another year working at a place that drove me to homicidal thoughts on a da…

Crime & Punishment

Hello, Hello! How is everyone doing today? Don't worry if you don't feel like answering. No one does anyway, so it's cool.
Did that seem passive aggressive? Can we all agree that people that do things like that are the worst kind of people? I mean, what's worse: Someone coming up to you and saying, "Umm, can you stop eating all of my food out of the fridge? I really don't like that, it's my food. Not yours." Or, when someone puts a sticky note on the fridge that says something like, Hey everyone! Just remember that labeled food belongs to the person whose name is on it. Just keep that in mind, K? : )
Which is worse? I vote for the coward that wrote the note. The confrontation isn't fun for anyone, but at least the point gets made, and it's a better result. If someone yelled at me to not eat their food anymore there's a good chance I wouldn't eat it anymore. But, if I saw a note on the fridge written neatly and politely suggesting that …

Paranoia and Cameras

What is up, everyone. It's me. I'm back. With some more random BS that nobody cares about, but that's okay because I don't do this for anyone else. It's for my own sanity. It helps keep me sane. And busy.

I've been watching a lot of documentaries today. I love the ones that are politically driven, or conspiratorial in some way. Those are the most thought provoking for me. Maybe because I believe some of the theories (there are certainly a few things that I really do believe),  or it could just be that I'm paranoid. Which is true. I've been watching horror movies since I was extremely young. I love them more than any other genre, but they've really screwed with my brain. I don't mind. Sometimes being paranoid is what keeps you alive. You're always ready for something to happen, so when it finally does, you're prepared.

What do you guys think about the NSA spying on webcams and phones and stuff? It has been proven that they have done that …

Movies and Why I'm a Stickler

Hello again people! So far, the alarm is going fantastic! I was at the movies for a nice matinee, and as soon as I walked out, and turned my phone back on (Yeah... I actually do that), my alarm went off and I raced home to write this. So, here we

So yeah, I actually listen to the cringe-y movie commercials when they tell me to silence my phone. I used to just put it on vibrate, but sometimes if the group message is a little crazy that can lead to a lot of annoying vibrations from my pocket. Also, if I'm not using it anyway, I might as well just turn it off.

Here's my reasoning for this:

I don't like noise in movie theaters unless it's coming from the actual movieI'd feel embarrassed if my phone were to go off during a movie So there you go. I guess I'm just a polite person. The noise thing is also why I stopped going to midnight premieres. Which started at first because I worked in the early morning, so I couldn't stay up late to watch a movie.…

Discipline Begins Now

Hello again everyone! I know what you’re thinking, or not. Probably not. I’ll make you think it by saying, “Didn’t you just post a blog like a couple hours ago?” Yes, I did, and here’s why I’m posting this one right now. In the last post I said I would set an alarm for myself to write an entry. Well, I set the alarm for 4PM everyday, so that’s why I’m posting this now. No more screwing around.

The first step in success is the hardest, but if you just keep walking you’ll get there. And, if you stop before you get there it takes longer. That’s obvious. That’s why you need self-discipline. I was lucky enough to have learned this when I was really young. My dad would always say, “Can’t means don’t want to.” Actually, he still says it on occasion. I always hated when he said that, but now, it’s so engrained in my head that it’ll never leave. It works wonderfully with health and exercise. If I’m about to go for a run, but I’m just not feeling it, I say that it’s too hot outside, or my feet …

How to Write: Tips From an Amateur

I know, I know. Another day missed, but do not fret. Let it be known, that, yes, I did forget to write a post yesterday, but please understand that I only forget to post a blog because I am working on something important for my future. Yesterday, I was submitting articles to a few magazines, so I can eat and survive. Don't worry, I'm not struggling with poverty just yet, but I like to prepare and save money just in case. If I continue to save money for the time when I am low on funds; I will never actually be low on funds. You see, it makes sense.

It might also be, that I forget to write on here because it's something new I'm trying. It takes a little time to get back into a strong state of self-discipline. I'm doing my best to remember, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to set a daily reminder for myself. Actually, that sounds pretty good. I'll do that right now. Alright, now that that's over with... A quick update:

I finished the outline for another book tha…