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Positive Things are Happening

What's up party people!? Hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful and miserably hot Friday afternoon. You know what I think is funny? In the winter, people constantly complain about how cold it is. "Oh," they cry to the heavens, "how I miss the warm touch of Sun. I must shut myself inside and pray to whoever is listening until I can once again wear shorts and a t-shirt without freezing. And then, once summer finally does show up... "Oh god! I can't stop sweating! It's so hot I can't even enjoy it. I must shut myself inside and sit by a constantly running fan until the heat fades away again. What I wouldn't do for an ice-cold anything right now to cool me off!"

Does anybody else notice when that happens? I think it's hilarious because I think everyone does it. Even me.

BUT, I'm not here to talk about the weather. Or, maybe I am. I don't really have a theme for this blog, so I guess I could've just stopped one paragraph …

Random Word Vomit

Hello again. I'm back for my second entry today. I hope everyone has forgiven me (All two of you that read these posts). I don't think I have anything to talk about, so instead of taking time to sit and think of something; I'll just puke words out on the screen until something comes up.
It's been a busy week in Lincoln, and now that I'm back I'm ready to relax for a bit. But, of course, I won't relax because I get bored easily and I need to keep myself busy. I did finish a short story earlier today. It still needs some polish, but I'm just glad that it's done now. I might take a look at it later tonight if I'm not doing anything. I like the story. I won't spoil anything about it, but it might be a little controversial. Maybe not as much anymore. I started it after a national tragedy, but that was a while ago, so it might be okay. The ending was unexpected. I was thinking of it to end one way (like the tragedy), but for some reason it switche…

The First Miss

Hey everyone! Well, it finally happened; I missed a day. I’m honestly surprised that it didn’t happen sooner, but that’s also a good thing. I knew it would be hard to find time yesterday because I was in Lincoln, Nebraska all day (and most of that time was in a car). But, that’s not an excuse. Actually, it is, but I’m doing that thing where you blame something else for your fault but you make it seem like it’s unrelated even though you just said it was the reason you did something wrong. Don’t you hate when people do that? If you do, make sure to let me know how upset you are with me.

Anyway, here’s what I’m going to do for you guys: today you’re getting two posts for the price of one; because one free blog post is the same as two free blog posts. I don’t know what I’m going to write about, but we’ll cross that rickety bridge when we come to it. Also, I’m writing this blog on my phone. I forgot I could do that, so now there are really no excuses to getting one post a day. I’ve disappo…

More Flash Fiction Stories

Hey everyone, sorry about the super late post. Made my way to Lincoln, Nebraska, and my laptop was close to death because I forgot the charger. But, somehow I managed to commandeer one for the night, so I guess there really is sunshine after rain.
Anyway, I'm here now with the other three flash fiction stories I promised. On another bright note, I did have an interesting idea for a series of books, and since I'm super weird I wrote the outline on my phone and plot notes in one of my notebooks. So, there's that to look forward to.
But, I'll keep boring you with things. Please enjoy these three stories: Too Many Voices, First Love, and The Fading King. See you tomorrow.

Too Many Voices
There’s too much noise in this room. This class is going to drive me crazy. Can’t hear myself think. I feel like I’m drowning in an ocean of screaming voices. Too many voices echoing back and forth all at once. I just want some peace and quiet. Why won’t they just stop? I can’t focus on an…

Flash Fiction Stories-One Scary and One Sad

Hey everyone. Sorry I'm getting this in a little later than usual (as if anyone is actually sitting by the computer waiting for me to post a blog). I've been in Kansas City doing some furniture shopping, so I haven't had a lot on my mind really today, and I figure since I wrote a long ramble about stress yesterday, today I would just post a couple flash fiction stories.

Back when I was just an adorable little college junior I was in a creative writing class, and at the end of the semester was to either write a minimum 15 page short story, or five flash fiction stories. Since I didn't have any concrete ideas that would last 15 pages; I went with the five flash fictions. I wrote one story a day Monday-Friday that week. I wanted to try at writing different genres. It was difficult, but I found my groove eventually. Some stories were easier to write than others.
I decided to post only two today, and maybe the rest tomorrow if I still don't have anything to talk about.…

Stress Talk

Let's talk about stress people. It's a hot subject that a lot of people deal with everyday. Some people a lot more than others. I've been told by some friends that I am the chillest person they've ever met. I think that's a huge compliment for me. I try my best, but, actually, I think what I do has a good amount of toxicity to it.

You see, what I do is I don't let things bother me. It really is that simple. Test coming up, I'll either pass it or I won't. Homework due at midnight, I've still got a couple hours no big deal. Someone is talking behind their back, sounds like their problem not mine. Certain things just don't effect me like they do some other people. I don't know why that is. Maybe I've got a little sociopath in me, but just the good parts. I'm alright with that if that's how it is. I've always wanted to see a psychiatrist just to see if I've got anything funky going on in my head. I've also wanted to spend…