HELLO LOYAL READERS! All 7 or 8 of you if I'm not mistaken. Thank you for continuing to read my blog every day for the last 310 days! Or, if you've just clicked on the links without reading the articles, that's also okay because it still shows up as if you did read it, so thanks for even clicking the links at all. I'm sure they were getting annoying after around day 50.

Good thing I went on for another 260!

So, I've been thinking about this move for a while now, and I think today is the perfect day to do it. While, yes, this will be the last post on this specific platform, it will NOT be the last you hear of me chucking my random interests into your faces. In fact, I like to think of this as an upgrade. An upgrade that will benefit all of us!

Now that I've finally figured out how Patreon works, THAT will be where any blog posts, interesting articles, short stories and general updates on what's going on in my life will be posted. This way I can continue my writing for all of you, and maybe you can help out and support me a little. You don't have to, but there are some pretty sweet benefits you get for just 2 measly dollars. Something to think about.

Let me be honest, for the past month or so, I have been getting a little tired of this daily blog for a couple reasons. The first is kind of obvious: it's every single day I post. Which is manageable, and it's great for keeping me on a writing schedule, but with my new job I'm finding it more and more difficult to post my blogs at that prime reader time. The second reason is that it has been starting to feel more like an obligation or job to write a post every day that I no longer look forward to it as much. I still enjoy it because I get to learn things, but I'm finding it harder to sit and search for the best thing to write about every day.

Again, I'm not going to stop with the online writing and what not. I'm just moving to a more manageable schedule on a more manageable platform, Patreon.

And another piece of exciting news! I've finally reclaimed my original domain name of vanwindsor.com and that will be sort of a central hub where you can find EVERY SINGLE THING I'm doing. This will have my published works, the Patreon page, and the podcast - which I promise is coming back there's just been a ton on my plate recently, but it's coming back soon and I've got some great episode ideas lined up! So get ready for that! You'll be able to find all of these things on my website. Just not yet. I'm still getting it all set up, but for the time being you can visit the Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/vanwindsor for anything you need. If you have any questions you can ask me on the Patreon page. Also, I will let you all know when the hub is fully finished and ready for visiting!

It's been a fun ride, and I can't wait to see where it leads to next.

Thanks for reading.



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